Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slightly Productive

I am happy to report that I have been slightly more productive these days. Dad picked up a nice dresser for me and during the Thanksgiving week end I was able to organize the baby's room. It's super organized... The clothing has been sorted by age and put away in boxes or put in the dresser. The one size pocket diapers have been boxed up and the new born diapers are waiting to be used in the basket on the change table. It's so nice and clean.. I am glad I won't have to worry about that later.

With the room taken care of I have been able to spend more time reading about VBAC's. I find a lot of VBAC stories super encouraging but sometimes not so much... especially when the writer focuses on the VBAC being successful because of it being a homebirth. It just makes me super jealous! That is not an option for me right now. I can't even pay for a midwife. They are all booked and as I learned today, with my due date, they've avoided me at all cost because I am due so close to Christmas. So it really is no option. I have to have a hospital birth. I want to hear encouraging positive VBAC stories that occur in hospitals!

I am also slightly frustrated because the local VBAC support group isn't running anymore!! I am in the midst of setting up a one time support meeting (almost my own version of a blessingway) but I am having trouble finding VBAC mom's to share with me...

Now I am just getting ranty... oops.

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anj said...

Hi, I found your blog earlier today because I was looking for a bumGenius snap conversion...and I wanted to encourage you that hospital VBACs are possible! I had a wonderful VBAC just over a year ago in a hospital!

I'm bookmarking your blog so that I can keep up with your story!