Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Earth Mama Angel Baby

I'm not a tea person. Nor a coffee person. I prefer my beverages to be sweet and cold. Like apple juice. or Ice Tea. But I do have to say that the Earth Mama Angel Baby product "Morning Wellness Tea" is very good. When I do drink tea's it's usually the herbal fruity type. Once the morning sickness started people kept recommending Ginger tea. I tried it and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but still not something I enjoyed.

Then I came across the Morning Wellness Tea. It is good. REALLY good. The first ingredient in the list is ginger but I can't taste it. I can only taste the spearmint and peppermint. It's delicious.

And on another Earth Mama Angel Baby note, I love their Angel Baby Bottom Balm. It's a salve for your little baby's bum but made of all natural organic ingredients. And the best part, it's totally safe to use with cloth diapers! and smells delicious.

So basically, I love the Earth Mama Angel Baby products. They're amazing.


Kelly said...

The bottom balm is safe for cloth diapers? Why did I not know this! I have that balm! Whenever Gideon gets a rash I have to resort to zinc oxide and a disposable... Does BumGenius say that the bottom balm is ok?

Also, that tea sounds really good!

Stinx' Mom said...

I should give you some tea bags to try!

I read about the bottom balm on DS and actually, the lady we're getting the GM's from recomended the bottom balm too when I got a diaper. I've been using it with my diapers since last summer. I just use it at night though. I don't think BG has come out and said whether or not to use it. I haven't had any trouble though.

Lisa said...

Hello ladies! This is Lisa from Bliss Distributing (we represent Earth Mama Angel Baby in Canada), and I just wanted to let you know that the Bottom Balm is absolutely safe for use with cloth diapers....and don't forget that this miracle balm is also great for rashes, bug bites, cradle cap and more.
This line now has bilingual labels so look for the Morning Wellness Tea as the Mama's Morning Tea (slight name change); also if you're looking for this line of products, please visit our website for a complete list of reatilers in Canada.
Take care!
Lisa Schmidt
Bliss Distributing