Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life is good.

I wish I had something to say. Seems I'm pretty speechless these days.

I'm happy the weather is lovely this week.

I'm happy that Anti-Kels and Unky Scott are in town.

I'm looking forward to work tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to going to the zoo tomorrow with friends.

All in all, life is good.


Alisha said...

You could comment about nursing in pools....everyone else is doing it. ;P

Kelly said...

Yay zoo!

Anonymous said...

i am so excited about the weather :)yes life is good .. i think i need to appreciate my life more often :)

s a r a said...

Stoked life is good for you!!
When I get pregnant (maybe in the next few years, don't feel peace about it yet) I will be reading your mothazine constantly! You have some great motherly life lessons here....