Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bird Sanctuary

Yesterday morning Stinx and I went for a little walk at the bird sanctuary. I love that place. It is so peaceful and quiet. We didn't see any *amazing* birds but we did see some.. Mostly the generic birds local to our area aka: magpies, ducks and geese. I've had friends tell me they've seen beavers there but I have never been so lucky.

Stinx saw lots of gophers and desperately wanted to catch them. He wasn't quite quick enough.

They were just to darn fast. Stinx stood above their holes saying "catch".
We found two crazy large holes closer to the water. Stinx could probably crawl down them if he tried. Seriously, what the heck lives in there? The information centre was closed that day but I definitely plan on asking the staff next time. Badgers? Beavers? Fox?

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s a r a said...

I've never been to the bird sanctuary before, I should go now.