Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bad Driving

I need to rant about a bad driving experience.

I was driving behind a small sedan on a main street. The car kept driving in the middle of the road instead of in the designated lane. Then we got to a red light. Waiting, waiting, waiting... light turns green and the driver doesnt notice so I honk my horn. Whatever, not a big deal, I've made that mistake before. Then slow driving starts as well as not staying in the lane properly. Get to another light. This time I decided to wait and see if the driver would notice when the light turned green. Nope, didn't notice. Took the driver awhile to notice. Then crappy driving starts again. Then at the next light the car signals that they will be turning left. Perfect, now I can pull up beside them. What I saw was stupidity. Plain stupidity.

a) Driver was a young woman talking on her cell phone. Well that explains the crappy driving.

b) there was a child in the car!!!!

c) Child was not in a car seat!!! The boy looked the same age as my son. Maybe he was in a low booster but it didnt look like it. My mom said she could see a couple car seats next to him.. So he probably has a car seat, he just wasnt in it.

Just totally dumbfounded.

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