Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaccck!

I want to do a short series called "Random Facts" about Bitta. It seems having two children has cut out my blogging time so I will try my best to update with short random facts in the next while.

Random fact #1 - Comfort Nursing is for Suckers

Bitta doesn't like to comfort nurse. No sir'ee. That let-down issue sure put a damper on comfort nursing. Somewhere around 4 months I sort of trained her to comfort nurse to sleep. But it was short lived... because she doesn't like to comfort nurse. It was kind of funny though... My version of sleep training this go around was trying to get Bitta to nurse to sleep. HA! She still seems to think that nursing is really only intended for nutrition. She really has me wondering when she will self-wean.

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