Friday, July 24, 2009


Today we got a lot accomplished. Stinx and I went for a quick trip to the zoo. We saw giraffes, gorillas, koala's and some other animals. Afterwards we made our way to the Riley Park wading pool. Stinx was his cautious self. After a bit of time he decided it was safe and played at the shallow end of the water. At one point he got a little adventurous and went out to the middle of the pool. I saw him waiting there for a minute and sure enough he panicked. I'm not sure what set him off but he was too scared to walk back to the edge of the water. Thankfully an older boy brought him to me, I had walked in as far as I could without soaking my jeans. Stupid me for wearing jeans! Then Stinx fell in love with our friend's inflatable giraffe. He took it for a walk up and down the hill, in the water, up the hill again. I caught him talking to it several times. It was pretty cute.
Since we've been home I've done some gardening, laundry and dishes. I'm feeling pretty productive.

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Kelly said...

Awww, those pics are so sweet!