Friday, July 10, 2009

Little Itty Bitty Diaper's Stash

I hate to admit this but I have been collecting little diapers since they day I got my positive pregnancy test. I didn't really plan it that way, I was just trying to think ahead and I thought I was buying them more for Anti-Kels. All of these diapers have been lovingly used. Most are in prefect shape. I have (in order of picture) 3 Gabby's Newborn AIO's, 3 Gabby's Newborn Fitted's, 4 Kissaluvs Size 0 (I actually got 5 more since I took the picture), 2 small Little Beetle Fitted's, 3 Newborn Loveybums Organic Fitted's, 4 small Thirsties Fab Fitted's, 1 Thirsties Cover and 2 Bummis Super Brite Newborn covers. I think I am mostly all set... I'd like to get another cover or two.

With Stinx I am mostly a pocket diaper user so it will interesting to see how I like using so many fitted's. I figure most of the newborn diapers will only be used for a month or two and then we'll be using the one size pockets.

And my biggest splurge of all was this Good Mama one size fitted diaper. It's soooo soft inside. Lovely.


Amber said...

Very nice!

Kelly said...

I've been trying so hard not to buy too many diapers yet, it's hard! Also, I sent an email to the lady with the Goodmamas, and I told her if I find out I'm having a girl on the 14th I will take the rest of her GM's if she still has them by then (because they're all girly). I just can't resist!