Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still here

We're still alive. Just haven't been finding the time to blog. We've been doing some neat stuff. I thought I'd share some pictures of our latest adventures.
We took Stinx to the Super Train show a couple weeks ago. It's a huge local model train show. Trains trains, everywhere! Stinx was in heaven.

We literally had to pry Stinx away from the Thomas the Train table. He left it kicking and screaming. He could have played quietly there all day.

We also met up with some friends at the nearest VV. Stinx attempted to skateboard.

And had fun climbing inbetween the clothesrack with his friend.

We also hung out at the science centre a few times. Stinx loves playing with the water station and usually leaves soaking wet.
On this past trip he had a blast playing the guitar.

We've been trying to get out a lot and enjoy the nice weather when its here.
Stinx at the park down the street from home.

Playing in the backyard.

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Kelsey Fiona said...

It warms my heart I've been around for some of the adventures!!!